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The campaign

Everyone can have light.

At night-time (at least in most areas of Germany), you can walk along streets which are lit almost to daytime levels, the fridge is lit up for us 24/7 if we want, and if it’s too dark in the office, there are chic designer lamp promising brightness of daylight quality. So why do we need this “Daylight Initiative”? Is it just another well-packaged PR campaign?

Far from it. Although at first glance it may not look like we are lacking light, it makes a big difference as to what kind of light we surround ourselves with.

At the evening event for the trade press, on 1st June 2017, the positive effects of daylight on the well-being and health of humans were presented, based on previously collected data.
This approach is now being taken up more intensively by the Bundesverband Flachglas [Federal Flat Glass Association]. Accordingly, those responsible are working on a campaign to more proactively communicate the advantages of direct and indirect daylight using glass in the sector. The target group is a broad one, as it is not only those in the industry who feel this is appropriate for them.

This website aims not only to provide a nice platform for important data and facts around the issue of daylight, but also to supply the topic with the appropriate framework.
One thing is and remains crystal clear: We would not exist without light. And with the wrong light, we are not like we are supposed to be.